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>> the highlight reel a ready. hard bam, same principles, same compromise. >> maybe we can fathom the plan. >> saying ryan has granny issues. >> doing the fear mongering again, maybe people won't buy it this time. >> new tax, regulations, that's what's crushing the economy right now. >> i want to say my side win, i want spending cut, and i want entitlement reform. >> yeah, you got that? >> ha-ha. >> sandra, charles, business as usual, dagen, it's yours. dagen: thank you very much. paul ryan rolling out the g.o.p.'s plan to balance the budget. part of that telling obamacare to say bye-bye. pour some sugar on me and everybody in new york city. the courts blocking the city mayor michael bloomberg's ban on big sodas in restaurants. freedom versus fat.
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who is right? who is wrong? who will ultimately win? ally di making it happen. stella ceo tells us how she was able to make it in corporate america. a young actress says it's important to understand the market. you might recognize her from desperate housewives, and rachel fox is here to say how she invests in stocks and here to get you excited about that very thing. plus, come on, get excited about connell mcshane who is here as well. markets now starts right now. ♪ dagen: i got to let the chair out into a position of authority. connell: yeah, that's what it's going to be. gather yourself. we'll wait. record high target and everything else. should be good; right? you all right?
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dagen: bring it on. connell: top of the hour, stocks now from the floor of the exchange. good morning, nicole. >> i do. good morning. looking at a stock market here up arrows, once again, another day, another record high on the dow jones industrials trading as high as 14478 and change. here we are 20 points off from that, but you can see an up arrow remains, 20 appointments to the nasdaq, and s&p at 1554, also pulling back by two appointments. talk about the dow jones, say thank you, merck because they are a leader on the dow, all about their cholesterol, and that's helping merck and the dow. boeing, united health care, and walmart, other names help it along. the vix fear index back with up arrow. back to you. dagen: thank you. markets continuing to hit all time high, and high yield bonds, how pricey are the invosments? should you be worried if you own
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them? connell: first guess with $40 billion in management, high field, head of leveraged finance, here at black rock. good to see you. thhnks for coming in. the target had the advance to a record, and people are stuck or are in drsh i don't know if "stuck" is the right word, but make the case for risk today, if you can, for us. >> uh-huh. i think it's what types of risk do you want to own in this economic environment, and, you know, we've been dealing for the last five years of everybody trying how to you protect the money? the probabilityings of that deflation or recession outcome was real. central banks around the world and fiscal governments evolve policy derisking the downside. what you see now is people trying to say what do i do with the money and how do i protect that or build or create value. you see more and more people move from the longer durations, fixed income assets yielding zero if you're cash or 2%, and going into high yield or going
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into equities at this point, and that's because you're seeing the economy is more likely to have a stable, slow growth outcome. there's a lot of leverage, and stable growth allows people to invest. >> how broadly is high yield compared to treasuries or just the last 20 years or so? >> remember, yields are low, yields are determined by low inflation expectations as well as low economic growth. that's the reality of deleveraging. the spread over it's still over 500 over. if you thought about on relative value terms, that spread level, historically is 160% that yield. today, you talk about 6% for high yield. connell: there's a lot of normal people saving for retirement in that situation where they have to make a transition; right? out of the treasury market or whatever it is, lower assets, and into something else. i don't know if you make that
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comparison, but if they are going into stocks or go into funded investment in high yieldings, what would the thought process be? can you make a deal for stocks say? >> every investor's positioned should be based on where they are. it's it is a consumer, where they are in the retirement cycle, what are they trying to achieve. connell: the question of price. >> yeah, fixed income has less than equities. high yield bonds lends to a corporations so the health of a corporation matters, and you're seeing the capital structures. the volatility of cash flows has a bigger impact on the equity so when you look over in high yield, senior in the capital structure, so give up the upsides, you get down downside protection. >> are you worried about having the class of investor invested in high yield today who never experienced losses in fixed income because you've had a 30-year bull market in
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treasuries, and broadly speaking in fixed income because interest rates have been falling. do you have this investor in there who doesn't think they can lose principle on investments, and you see the nav fall, and it freaks out. connell: housing market comparison when we didn't think we lost money in housing, or -- dagen: no, i mean, that, they think fixed income and safety. >> there's ranges of fixed income. high yield is perceived as a riskier class than other u.s. treasury markets. if you think about owning long duration u.s. treasuries, a long duration corporate, i mean, people are not looking that as default risk. they look at what the probability of default and expect recoveries. high yield has been a more volatile asset class. when investors look at other overall fixed income portfolios, think about what risk they want to own. duration or cash has been a good outcome in a downside or recession-type environment, but in an environment like we see
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today, where you see more stabilized in a very accommodative policy from the fed, then risk is not a default risk, but the risk steepens in which it's principle loss, not income loss. connell: we could talk longer, but time constraints. thank you, and good way to start, thanks a lot. >> thank you. dagen: thank you so mucc. house budget chairman paul ryan rolling out the budget moments ago. the proposal plans to cut more than 4.6 trillion dollars in spending over the next decade, but it adds about 1.2 trillion to the national debt. let's bring in juan williams, fox news political analyst to react to this. the vast, large percentage, juan, of the cuts in this is, what, 40% of the 4.6 trillion? cuts saying, bye-bye to obamacare. what do you think of that? >> well, the talk in washington is this is fanciful, just not likely to happen at the moment, so how realistic is the plan?
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on the other hand, it plays well with the conservative base, and, you know, congressman ryan made the point recently that seniors voted more mitt romney, and his district, ryan's district in wisconsin and a lot of the republican districts around the country so they are basically saying we're in aggressive mode or feel we don't have anything to apologize for in. in terms of the budget process, is this realistic? we want to say this holds up well compared to what the democrats roll out in the senate this afternoon, senator murray and obama will be in a democratic caucus to unvail the democratic budget proposal. there's a sense of concern about whether or not ryan is put himself a little bit on the margins by saying right away, no obamacare. >> what are the greatest similar ris in the two plans going to be? you have corporate tax code, you know, cutting the corporate tax,
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tax code overhaul for individuals, where do you see compromise in paul ryan's plan potentially? >> well, you know, what's interesting is if you look at the trajectory, a ten-year period, ryan's plan cuts 1.4 trillion as you said, obama's plan is 1.2. murray's is 1 trillion. they are not radically far apart given the political rhetoric from washington, how different the ryan plan is in terms of assistance from the obama plan. they are not far apart in the trillions, that's not far apart. there is the potential to sit down, talk it out, if these folks, democrats and republicans simply stop playing polarizing politics and say i'm interested in a deal. the question is are they interested in one? dagen: well, the one area of compromise, if you can get past the language of it, is overhauling the individual income tax code where paul
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ryanments two tax brackets, getting rid of loopholes, and you could raise revenue, and do you think the democrats like to focus on, need to raise taxes on wealthier people. do you think that could be an area where we get something? make all of our lives easier? >> oh, yeah, remember mitt romney proposedded just that. it's not radical, but at the moment, given what happened in the fiscal cliff negotiations back to january, republicans are confident in saying no more tax hikes. we just want spending cuts at this moment. they have to move off of that to close loopholes, eliminate deductions. is that something the republicans politically are willing to do in order to get that larger budget deal so it comes down to a matter of political will, dagen, and at the moment, given what the so-called comarm offensive and
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the dinners and lunches, it's possible, but there's a lot of doubt there really is a new day dawns here in dc when it comes to the budget. dagen: we didn't talk about medicaid and mid care overhaul which medicaid block grant program and medicare, you do to a preach your support model, both radical ideas, but, again, maybe we'll be forced to deal with it someday. juan, great to see you. >> nice to see you, dagen. dagen: see you soon. welcome back any time, juan, take care. >> thank you. connell: another story is whans happening in the vatican, and in 20 minutes or so, the cardinals will make their way into the sistine chapel to begin conclave to pick the next pope. if you don't want to wait for us to tell you or keep an eye out for the smoke, there's a catholic organization trying to make it easier called pope it's a website where people recommendation steer and receive electronic notification when the
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new pope has been selected, text you, hey, there's a new pope. up fortunately, the problem is the site is popular, they had to take customers so we're back with us. we'll tell you about the smoke later on. dagen: you excited about it? connell: interested in it. i don't know that i'm excited, but interested to see what happened. dagen: show enthusiasm, man. connell: no. dagen: it's a big day. connell: not in the top five of things i'm excitedded about today. like soccer practice was canceled for my daughter. there's lunch to deal with. probably six. dagen: priorities. connell: that's what it's all about. dagen: the sugar war, court's blocking new york city mayor mike bloomberg from banning big sugar sodas. connell: the ceo success story coming up later as well,stella ceo pushing the opening button,
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growing her business. jessica is coming up later in the hour. dagen: lowe's ramping up. it just reuped two years to sponsor the number 48 chevrolet that jimmy johnson drives, and the chain is rolling out a new ad campaign getting notice. tell you about it. just any excuse to talk about nascar; right? oil at $93 a barrel right now. ♪ i'm a conservative investor. but that doesn't mean i don't want to make money. i love making money.
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but my airline miles take it worldwide. [ male announcer ] it shouldn't be this hard. with, it's easy to search hundreds of cards and apply online.
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stocks now, what's happening with pfiser. >> a lot. people familiar with the z pack, antibiotic, and now we're
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finding the u.s. food and drug administration is warning that this particular drug can cause a potentially fatal irregular heart rhythm in some patients talking the electrical activity in the heart and could lead to something fatal, and, so, obviously, not good news for pfizer. the stock down a half percent, but headlines feel dramatic. talk about what we are looking here at merck on the other hand. a different picture. merck talks about a cholesterol drug which has been doing trials and now after an independent monitoring board study, they said they can continue to do the trill, good news, and there's some who hope they would just say, you know, we love itings it's great. we love it. it's done. they'll continue to do that, no safety issues with this one. so far, so good. dagen: thank you. connell: making money with charles payne, and this hour, a company that's been cashing in on mobile games so talk to us. >> first time they cashed in, but they got the real money
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mobile gambling play. it's a mobile game play, and i know dagen plays these. what about gun brothers? dagen: no, not during the show. connell: you're more of a gamer. dagen: i actually read. [laughter] i read a lot of books. >> fox news alert! [laughter] actually you're the smartest person on the network. the stocks traded, and i want to let you know this is a very, very small cap name, volatile, 2 # 00 million, traded ten times average daily volume on this news. in addition to the games, there's a play on the gambling side. they will be at a conference in a couple weeks, a buy on them in january, and here's what i find interesting, four buys for 3.3 million shares.
11:20 am
that is a lot, you know? you don't see that often, particularly for a company like this, at least executives put their money where their mouths are. i'm not in the stock. it's on the radar, but i wanted to share it. the 52 week high is 5.95. room to the upside, and risk associated with it. connell: charles payne. dagen: reading is fundamental. connell: home improvement chain, lowe's, stirring it up with a new ad campaign. we'll talk about it in just a moment. dagen: jimmy johnson for two more years, number 48 chevrolet by motor sports, and a ceo making it big, and now expanding into europe. speaking of europe, look at how the euro is doing against the dollar today and the pound and the yen and even our friendly northern neighbor's dollar as well. ♪
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>> 22 minutes past the hour, at the vatican, the conclave ceremonies underway after mass st. peters vie silica, the cardinal electors proceeded to the chapel to vote for the next pope behind closed doors, 77 votes required to legislate the leader of the church. the first ballot could be cast is later this hour. heavy snowfall disresulting travel in europe. hundreds of flights canceledded in paris and frankfurt. the unusual late winter blast of snow, ice, and freezing wands stranded hundreds of drivers and suspended train service. a month after north korea's nuclear test, the organization could detect no radio active traces. the agency says it is highly unlikely that it would find any smoking gun, radio active traces from the february 12th blast.
11:26 am
since last week's sanctions announced, north korea voted to strike the u.s. with nuclear weapons. that's headlines making news right now. more with dagen and connell. dagen: thank you for that. connell: breaking news to get to now at the white house responding to the latest ryan budget plan, the house republican budget, say is, quote, the wrong course for america and the math does not add up. can't say that's surprising response from the white house which is saying not asking for more from the wealthy, they fail to achieve deficit reductions following up to paul ryan and his plan announced today talked about with juan williams. dagen: involves doing away with obamacare which nobody thinks will happen pretty much. housing coming back, and certainly home improvement. lowe's is looking to cash in on that. connell: diane here to follow
11:27 am
it. hi, diane. >> lowe's trying to catch up to home depot focusing on springtime home improvement projects. spring is prim time for the home improvement retailer. some say it's christmas. a rebound in housing, a lot of business to be won if the weather and housing market continued to improve. lowe's is trying to seize on that opportunity with an extension of the never stop improving campaign created by bbo worldwide worked at the company since 2006. the first spot debuted on sunday in the nascar race on fox, marking the first time the company advertised directly to men by showing a group of them in the backyard pretending to compete in various sports using home improvement tools as sporting equipment. another yesterday shows a family that just moved working on projects around the new home which then inspires others to do the same, and others created for specific regions and weather conditions to begin today in different parts of the country,
11:28 am
but lowe's faces an uphill battle here because home depot outperformed lowe's in almost every quarter of the last four years. we'll see if this campaign does the job and helps them compete this time around. dagen: and two more years on the 48 number chevrolet driven by jimmy johnson. good looking car and the driver wins. connell: maybe after the show what i think about nascar and the advertising involved -- >> thanks, doug. connell: very good, diane. oh, all right, doug. dagen: you would complain about your feet hurting. connell: that's what i talk about here in the studio. moving along -- dagen: funny. monitoring the developments as the catholic college of cardinals in rome begins the process of pigging a new pope. connell: that's right, the sistine chapel shortly, getting smoke later on. jessica with us, quite a success
11:29 am
story, a good entrepreneur, and continues to expands the brand this time overseas so a lot to talk about about the environment for being an entrepreneur in this country right now. here's the winners on the s&p 500 or some of them today. market overall down a little bit, jcpenney doing pretty good and some others. we'll be right back.
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dagen: a ceo story to hear, how she smashed through that glass ceiling with steel la and dot and looks fantastic too, and i can say that because i'm a
11:33 am
chick. a big gulp from new york city's mayor after a court blocks his ban on big sugary sodas r and catholic cardinals begin selecting a new pope. leader of catholics around the world. connell: summed up the world there. nicole, bottom of the hour for stocks now. what do you have this time? >> well, i have some bad news that's perceive as good news. we'll take it as good news. here we go. yum brands right now is up two and a quarter percent. yum brands is the parent of kfc, kentucky fried chicken, taco bell, and pizza hut. the story vowndz kfc in particular because over in china, there was a lot of scrutiny over poultry, and, obviously, the findings there so what we saw was powell ri not doing well. the numbers came in, the sales numbers came in, and it was a drop of 20%. well, the fact that the sales numbers were down by 20% was good news because it was not as
11:34 am
bad as people had expected. they thought it would drop by 25% so it was one of those cases of it could have been worse. back to you. connell: all right, nicole, thank you very much. we want to talk about entrepreneurs from time to time and what the environment is in the country to be an entrepreneur right now. you hear all the time failure's part of the game, and through failure, at least partially, the next guest found the recipe for success. jess is a relaunched the company in 2007. business now booming. last year, the jewelry and handbag company sales $2 # # -- 200 million, and she joins us now. thank you for coming in. >> thank you for having me. connell: you -- one of these people who started up in your -- if it's in the your blood, 24 years old, started out of stanford, and what is the lesson learned when you're willing to take a risk and it doesn't work out. >> i think in order to be successful, you have to get comfortable with the idea and not care if other people think
11:35 am
you're failing. it's about the courage and tenacity that takes a bad idea that makes it better over time so it works. connell: you were always like that? that was the mind set or develop overtime? >> it's something to actively cultivate. everybody's afraid of failure. it's about letting the hope and optimism be the louder voice and follow that. con cop interesting to talk about, speak a little bit about this, the timing we have gusts coming in all the time, and some days it's, you know, health care, taxes, all these types of things. if you started your business right now, you relaunched it five or six years ago, but if you started now, how would you describe the environment for people? we need entrepreneurs. >> we do, they fuel job creation. there's always a good time for innovation and a good idea. you have to make your business right for the time it's in, no matter what. there's always on opportunity. see the opportunities opposed to the barriers and solve that.
11:36 am
we create income opportunities for flex entrepreneurship for women. when the economy is bad, people need it more than ever, and it becomes all the more reason that you need to really create that and put it out there. connell: you have trunk shows essentially creating more entrepreneurs; right? gives the opportunity, else for women to become entrepreneurs. >> yes, it does, and in a modern way. in addition to trunk shows, there's ipad apps to sell on the go, personal websites bringing the business into a modern age. connell: one last question before we go, and because a lot -- we've had a lot of conversations about women this business, particularly successful women in the recent, and sandberg's book, and coming into work opposed to working from home. anything to add to that that's out there that has not been said? >> i think you have to per sue happiness and live the life right for you. for you, leading into a corporate career is right, do that. for you, prioritizing flex the is right, do that.
11:37 am
that is how we all need to lift each other up being supportive of people's individual choices. connell: you are right in terms it's not one time fits all. thanks a lot for coming in. next stop europe? >> europe and expanding into bags, broadening the boutique. connell: good luck, and nice to talk to you. >> you too, thanks. dagen: breaking news now, looking live at the 115 cardinals who will decide the next leader, spiritual leader of the roman catholic church move into the sistine chapel to begin the conclave making the procession from the chapel walking into the sistine chapel. what an incredible place it is, so much history there, again, the ceiling painted, just astonishing and a big day, obviously, for catholics around the globe. they are scheduled to be cast votes at approximately 1 --
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11:45 a.m.. >> there's two cardinals not voting; right? there's one who is ill and one in scott land. connell: the point is you need as you quote-on-quote, magic number of two-thirds majority, needing 77 votes. they don't expect it today, but you never know, between 1 p.m. and 3 p.m. eastern time, they -- the expectation, if they do both, they are not obligated to do so, that we'll see the smoke rising, the black smoke for no pope, and white smoke if there is. dagen: how many votes were for the last two votes? how many votes? >> i believe tee walked this morning about it being a couped days for pope benedict. not sure the exact number of ball lats they cast because you can have more than one ballot a today, and, in fact, today, as
11:39 am
much as four in one day. when they come back tomorrow morning, they may have a few, and, you know, we'll see. watch between one and 3 p.m. eastern time to see if the smoke is rising. dagen: have you been to that chapel? connell: no, have you. dagen: yes, it was after the ceiling was cleaned too. it was one of the most breathtaking things you'll see, all of that city really. connell: everybody says that. after they take the oath of secrecy in a few minutes, the 115 will be the only ones know what's going on in there. later on today. dagen: new york city and the soda ban, not so fast. a court ruling holds off things for now. where do we go? again, food police, are they going to show up in your city? we'll ask them. connell: markets making the right call in the historic run here we've had in stocks to all time highs. we have a young actress who has done well for herself in picking stocks and stressed importance of educating herself.
11:40 am
she's 16 years old. it's a good story. she is a very good writer on her blog. talk to her about why she's so interested in this stuff. rachel fox is coming up. ♪ [ male announcer ] is is karen and jeremiah. they don't know it yet, but they're gonna fall in love, get married, have a couple of kids, [ children laughing ] move to the country, and live a long, happy life together where they almost never fight about money. [ dog barks ] because right after they get married, they'll find so retirement people who are paid on salary, not commission. they'll get straightforward guidance and be able to focus oother things, like each other, which isn't rocket science. it's just common sense. om td ameritrade. it's just common sense. you know it even after all these years. but your erectile dysfunction - you know,that could be a question of blood fl. cialis tadalafil for daily use helps you be ready anytime the moment's right. you can be more confident in your ability to be ready. and the same cialis is the only daily ed tablet approved to treat ed and symptoms of bph,
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like needingo go frequently or urgently. tell your doctor about all your medical conditions and medications, and ask if your heart is healthy enough for sexual activity. do not take cialis if you take nitrates for chest pain, as this may cause an unsafe drop in blood pressure. do not drink alcohol in excess with cialis. side effects may include headache, upset stomach, delayed backache or muscle ache. to avoid long-term injury, seek immediate medical help for an erection lasting more than four hours. if you have any sudden decrease or loss in hearing or vision, or if you have any allergic reactions such as rash, hives, swelling of the lips, tongue or throat, or difficulty breathing or swallowing, stop taking cialis and g medical help right away. ask your doctor about cialis for daily use and a 30-tablet free trial. >> government owned auto lender reached a deal to sell a portfolio mortgaging servicing rights for an estimated 585
11:42 am
million. ally's plan to sell the portfolio in october to shed nonassets and focus on the u.s. auto lending and online banking businesses. radio shack hit static. electronic retailer cut to sell with goldman saying they operate with a challenged business model. mgm's red carpet on wall street, the hollywood studios board of directors discuss an initial public offering. they reported mgm has a press conference for investors the following day to discuss their thinking on potential ipo. that is the latest from the fox business network giving you the power to prosper.
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dagen: bloomberg's ban on sugar drinks was canned after a new
11:44 am
york judge ruled the city didn't have the authority to do that. where do we go from here? joining now to discuss from washington, d.c. founder of keep food legal, and justin wilson is here, senior research analyst at the center for consumer freedom. justin, starting with you, your organization represents big food companies among other organizations. you can't think this is the end of it. if it stops in new york, the food police will show up in cities from coast to coast, eventually? >> he created out of the city national initiatives to try to change food we eat one way or another and sort of end joys the mon kier of being a leader here. at the same time, on the other coast, in san fransisco, the health board there attempts to do their own thing, and in the case of san fransisco, they
11:45 am
tried to ban toys in happy meals, and so, you know, just as we saw with transfats, a lot of people looked to new york for leadership, although i think, frankly, what bloomberg is doing is the opposite of leadership, and so i'm glad that the judge sort of dealt below him. dagen: the judge ruled this was arbitrary, i think, capricious was the word, but if you go back to the drawing board and maybe make more sense out of this ban because it doesn't apply to milk shakes and large sugary drinks sold in bodegas in the city. can you write it in a way to pass muster with a court? the mayor is not giving up at this point. >> well, i think that -- what you described was the half of it of the the other half was largely that the health department doesn't have the authority to legislate. they can implement rules that the city council passes issue and i think, unfortunately, where there could be an opening. i'm not going to council the
11:46 am
mayor on how to do that. if he has some smart, although, perhaps not smart enough lawyers who work for him, you know, if not here, elsewhere. unfortunately, there's movement towards it, but i think that those that lead and others push back by advocating for food freedom which is, you know, food freedom of choice. >> to stay with you, the more the government is involved in the own health care and the more the government, whether it's a city government, the case here in new york, or even the federal government, the more they are involved in footing the bill for our health care costs and dealing with the obesity epidemic in the country, don't you think this is just the beginning of a bigger clamp down on what we eat and rules set by the government? >> i actually don't see this as the beginning. my group doesn't have an opinion one way or the other on health care issues. we just focus on food, but i
11:47 am
think, you know, this is part of some broader picture happening for 25-30 years where public health community shifted from what's known as the old public health dealing with diseases, and now focusing on these, you know, diseases that catch up with you if you don't take care of yourself, if you don't eat right, exercise, whatever the cause may be. i think this is sort of fitting in that larger picture, and it's not something that's just suddenly taking shape because there is, you know, health care for all. dagen: look out, justin, look out in california. maybe it's fat related, maybe it isn't, but there's a ban, and people in las vegas and nevada are booming business because you will not stop people from eating it. the final word, it's not the inby far of the government's trying to tell us what to eat, do you think? >> you know, i don't represent anyone in the food industry whether it's soda companies or other ones, but i'll tell you
11:48 am
there are taxes proposed in states across the country on foods that have too much fat or sodas with too much sugar, and, unfortunately, it's driven more by the need to raise revenue than, unlike bloomberg, the need was to increase people's health. that being said, there is a creeping notion that food is addictive and that we're somehow victims to it. i think someone called it a mcvictim. people have to realize when it comes to the weight, personal responsibility, flout government paternalism rules the day as the bottom line. whether that means striking down mayor bloomberg's ban or sending taxes on foods that taste good back to the committees in the state legislatures telling them not to pass them, i hope americans wake up and realize we lose sight of our own personal responsibility. dagen: thank you both very much, but i'll say it again, the more government's involved in health care and involved in paying for it, the more this country gives that very government in telling us what to eat. mark my words.
11:49 am
gentlemen, thank you very much. >> thank you. >> thank you. connell: you know, businesses plotting the decision that dagen talked about, banning the can on large soft drinks. we have reactions from the new york city restaurant an theater owner's association. that's still to come. dagen: stocks now, everybody, nicole has movers in retail today. >> that's right. worth looking here at big movers in retail, particularly jcpenney, talking about the pressure under the last year, ron johnson from apple, whether or not he was doing a good enough job, speculation about his role as ceo still remains and has been circulating a lot today, and the stock is up 5%. urban outfitters, numbers for the quarter not greater they got price targets up from 44 over at gold gold mapp sachs, and olding dick sporting goods to the conviction buy list. beat up yesterday you remember, just didn't gauge the weather of the winter season just right, but goldman sachs thinks once
11:50 am
trends normalize, it'll be good. back to you. dagen: thank you nicole. connell: you may not like how revealing a click of the mouse can be. dagen: how a facebook like says so much more than you might think. >> than maybe you wanted the world to know. facebook you like, the conclusion out from the university of cambridge as well as microsoft research looking at the behavior at 58,000 facebook users, looked specifically at their liking behavior and what it revealed about those users when they did, in fact k like something. for example, you know if you're extroverted if you like the following, beer pong, chris tucker, or even nikki monage, and you're introverted if you like video games or the cole berh report. it shows there's highly
11:51 am
sensitive information about your perm information, personal background that can be revealed with your digital activity. they did go on to show that even things like your sexual orientation, your political affiliation and whether or not your parents were divorced were gleaned by liking and disliking things and reemphasizes the need for privacy and transparency and being careful about what you do on big social networks. back to you. dagen: i just do things that i normally wouldn't do so they, you know, maybe think that i'm somebody i'm not, like sane. connell: dagen likes this photo, oh, she does, does she? from hollywood to wall street, an an actress successful in the stock market and preaching education if interested. pretty good story. straight ahead on "markets now." ♪ all stations come over to mission a for a final go.
11:52 am
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connell: most 16-year-olds are focused, i think, on getting a driver's license or something like that, but the next guest has other priorities. rachel fox, an actress, but she trades stocks, day trading, with us from l.a.. thank you for coming on. it's good to see you. you know, i think that -- >> thank you. connell: i think your average day has to be interesting to people because first priority for people with teenagers as parents 1 to get them out of day, get them going, and you're up and adam early looking at the markets. what's your average day look like? >> well, you know, it always depends whether i'm work on set that dayment i'm in a band, whatever band stuff is going on. every day is so different. just volatile you could say as the stock market currently is. it's crazy. every day i'm up at 6:30,
11:56 am
trading, stocks, and the day varies from there, but i always, like, i'll check stocks on phone, trading, looking when i'm on set, watching it on my phone constantly. connell: you have numbers on the screen, and that is the numbers last year, very, very impressive, and i thought, boy, there's details about the stocks you like, and on the one hand, it's, hey, you did it for a year, you could have had a lucky year, frankly, and who knows, you don't have the sample size to see whether that's repeated, but at the same time, we have guests on who interviewed over the years who have a longer track record, and it's not good, and we still ask them about their strategy. there's that. what i'm more interested in is why? what -- why do you do you want ? >> it's a good, healthy, healthy addiction, but no doubt, i have to do it every day. i wake up, i have to do it. i'm so excited. i'm driven. i'm motivated. i just want to, you know, flip
11:57 am
these stocks and make money, i want to make the money grow. connell: that's what you are doing. >> day trading, right, exactly. i do swing trade, hold for a week or two, whatever i feel like gets me the most, greatest amount of money off of it, but, yeah, no, definitely. i just -- i want to do -- may parents explained it to me when i was 8 years old, explained it, cds, but this whole day trading was up expected. my mom explained to me, you know, the market doesn't work how it used to. connell: the education was from there. on the surface, it's a great story, 16 years old, loves the market, and then you have not been exempt if criticism. a guy wrote a piece on the huffington post that said, well, come on, be careful here, who does this girl thinks she is, don't take advice, and your blog is well-written, but that's you're you're not in the business of giving advice.
11:58 am
>> well, the thing is, i don't have theories. i cannot give out stock tips saying here's what you should be doing. it's funny. i guy e-mailedded me the other day saying i have money set aside. are you interested in managing it for me, and, you know, i don't have any licenses, i'm 16. e declined because i can't, you know, i can't do that quite yet, and my deal is i don't, you know, i don't want to say, hey, you should day trade. this is how to make money, day trade, you know, i don't try to put that out there. myself, i have, you know, money where i day trade and i have other money to invest. diversify with what you do, and the point of the stocks is really to teach people the basics so they know how to trade or invest. i just want everybody to be able to know how to manage their money. connell: all right. nice to meet you over satellite, and it's a good story. good luck with everything, the acting and everything else. we'll check back, okay?
11:59 am
>> awesome, thank you so much. connell: rachel fox. dagen: nothing wrong with being excited. con cop exactly. dagen: get excited about it, people. dow down now, but it could have a sixth record in a row. stick around. the longest winning streak of record highs in more than a dozen years. cheryl and dennis ahead with a trader who says you have not seen nothing yet. connell: soda ban and reactions ahead from the restaurant and theater association. keep it here. "markets now" continues in justa a mokement. ♪ all your imptant legal matters in just minutes. protect youramily... and launch your dreams. at we put the law on your side.
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full months of identity theft protection risk free. that's right, 60 days risk-free. use promo code: gethelp. if you're t completely satisfied, notify lifelock and you won't pay a cent. order now and also get this shredder to keep your documents out of the wrong hands-- a $29 dollar value, free. get protected now. call the number on your screen or go to to try lifelock protection risk free for a full 60 days. use promo code: gethelp. plus get this document shredder free-- but only if you act right now. call the number on your screen now! >> it's high noon. cheryl: and the dow is on track right now for the sixth record close in a row. that's the longest winning streak of record highs in more
12:03 pm
than a dozen years. we have a trader coming up who says the bulls are going to keep on going. this market is for real. dennis: and the conclave begins. live pictures before cardinals who are going to be locked up behind closed doors to choose the next pope as an economically hard hit italy and europe watch. can a new pope help turn the economic tide? cheryl: and new york soda ban going flat. businesses are applauding today a judge's decision to can the ban on large soft drinks. theater owner associations are happy today but what happens next? dennis: stocks every 15 minutes. nicole at the floor of the new york stock exchange. >> you're right. the dow jones industrials are holding on to the very slight gain of three points but we should note that the dow once again spent traded as high as
12:04 pm
14,478. s&p 500 also setting a multi year high today but pulling back some now as you can see the s&p 500 down a quarter percent and the nasdaq is down nearly a half of 1%. some traders i've been talking with is talking about the momentum and how that's been dying off some and that he actually put in his note last night that aggressive traders can actually begin shorting the market at this point. so -- and the interesting turn around, change in sentiment after several record setting, six record setting days in a row. the banking index is to the down side. we've seen many of these financials hitting multi year highs recently. citigroup and j.p. morgan were right there and also right now, you can see all down arrows for bank of america, down 1.25%. back to you. cheryl: see you 14 minutes from now. our next guest says despite the calls and hopes for a pullback, stocks don't want to reign themselves in.
12:05 pm
director of equity trading talks to me right now. usually you have a caution in your note. there is no caution in your note today. i think that's interesting. >> there remains caution in the note. it's just a matter of at some point you have to acknowledge what it is. with the biggest indicator of the market is the market itself. i'm telling you it's going higher. >> but you're saying there's so much pent up demand on the equity side, so much attention and focus on the bond market that many of these big players have missed the boat and they have to jump in. not want to, they have to. >> they have to demonstrate they've performed and, you know, what we are seeing is a classic example of an asset rotation. people out of bonds into equities. you know, people contend this might be some kind of fake fed fuelled rally. there's probably some legend behind the fact it is liquidity driven but to say it's fact, results speak for themselves and you have a lot of cash in the corporate coffers so there's really no reason for it to pull back at this point. cheryl: if we saw inflation at
12:06 pm
the end of the year. >> i think that once people start -- inflation has been a concern. when does the fed exit their strategy and we don't have to ever and it makes you give pause but at this point, corporate balance sheets are strong. the economy is performing better. housing seems to have gained some real footing so, you know, the keys, are the consumers going to push. cheryl: we should mention energy sector is down 20% the past year. a piece of that is the oil story but also cheaper natural gas. is that a cheap group that i should be looking at to buy from now? >> from a contrarian standpoint, yes. we as a firm are bearish on the sector. we think we have supply concerns. just too much, not necessarily not enough demand, just too much supply. natural gas is dirt cheap so it's a very out of favor sector
12:07 pm
at this point. we just had our institutional sectors conference and this year it wasn't crickets but not a lot of interest and that tells you that people might be missing the boat. cheryl: soyou're looking for guidance from the groups. one is the retail sector. you're going to be looking for guidance coming in when we start to get the second quarter window, if you will, and also the lodging sector. those to me say consumer. those to me say economy. what are you looking for here? >> that's what we're looking for. guidance from those particular sectors that have experience. seem extreme exposure to the consumer, give you a design of what john q public is out there and are they spending money. cheryl: really quick, real estate. that's one of the things as you look at the best performing sectors in 2012, obviously real estate and builders were a big story there. we've had a lot of analysts come
12:08 pm
on and say they're making bets. >> people are bullish on the sector. it's strong, outperformed surprisingly so and then people that could put faith behind it and you're seeing real strong numbers coming out of the housing sector that lends itself to home improvements so it's far reaching and it seems that they still have some room to run. cheryl: dan, thank you very much. god to see you again. thanks. dennis: paul ryan unveiling the house proposal for the budget this morning saying we can't keep spending money we don't have. cheryl: rich is standing by on capitol hill with details of the story. >> and he balances the budget by 2023. $7 billion surplus. the white house says a deficit reduction when it doesn't ask the wealthiest to pay more taxes puts the burden squarely on middle class. it's similar to the buckets he's released the last couple of years. he cuts $885 billion the next decade from health care plans, cuts all the spending in the president's health care law to
12:09 pm
the tune of $1.8 trillion. other mandatory cuts, including food stamps and pell grants, things of that nature, slowing the growth rate is the way that ryan's folks describe it and then a bonus happens in deficit reduction all the time, interest savings. spend less money, you borrow less money, you pay less in interest to the tune of $700 billion. here's more about ryan's budget. it keeps january's tax increases so republicans don't repeal the budget deal that we struck here in washington, d.c. in january for $620 billion of additional revenue. it eliminates most of the president's health care law but it does keep the $700 billion in cuts to medicare. ryan says he reinvests that in medicare but still, $700 billion a deficit reduction right there and overhauls medicare and medicaid, and includes tax reform. that's a process being written right now on capitol hill by another committee.
12:10 pm
both sides, democrats and republicans, are out selling their individual plans on deficit reduction. >> this is an invitation to the president of the united states to the senate democrats to come together to fix these problems. >> we will also reduce deficits so they're not growing any faster than the economy. we will stabilize the debt but we will not do it in a way that guts our kids' education and violates the commitments we've made to seniors. >> we're still waiting for specifics from democrats, the senate democrats tomorrow very likely. budget committee chairman murray releases her budget and also the white house is expected sometime in early april to release its budget. back to you. cheryl: rich live out of capitol hill, thank you very much. dennis: the economic situation in italy isn't getting any better. uncertainty runs ripe in the financially strapped nation.
12:11 pm
this as cardinals meet to begin the process of picking the leader of the catholic church. managing partner of spotlight ideas, thanks very much for being with us, mr. pope. you know what? i don't know how much i should care as an investor about the pope's selection but 1.4 billion catholics certainly do and we're a business network so i brought you here to build a connection between pope and business angle. tell me something that connects the two. it's your turn. go ahead. >> okay. i'm appropriately named for this particular subject. snoip dennis: yes, you are. >> one of the most important things you'll have to do quickly to reestablish the authority is cleaning up the bank. it is cut off from the international on line banking system currently. it might just be that vatican
12:12 pm
city is a very small state but like monaco, they have the euro and they have to apply to all rules in the euro area. money laundering is illegal and the vatican finances are sh rouded in mystery and whoever gets the white smoke is going to come in with a big broom and sweep it clean very quickly. dennis: that is an incredible angle and i love it. congratulations, sir. you did it. i seem to remember that tanner 20 years ago, the vatican bank was actually linked to a scandal that was some famous banker found hanging from a bridge and unexplained mysterious circumstances of his death. the money laundering, exactly what dark forces are trying to launder what kind of money through vatican bank it is alleged? >> well,ic one of -- i think one of the issues that sadly affected the economy is the main commercial banks stop lending.
12:13 pm
dennis: i think we may have lost stephen pope but praying to get him back if there is -- never mind. cheryl: i get what you were saying about trying to bridge but the italian debt situation, there's a lot of investors and they may be one saying get that debt now because the country will turn itself around and i think the conclave could be a big piece of that, bringing in money. dennis: italy will not turn itself around. cheryl: i think it will. thank you. new york soda ban. a major blow by a judge. business is applauding. coming up, reaction to the ruling from the restaurant and theater industry. dennis: and mall madness. despite fears that new taxes would take a bite, ahead we'll have why retail is looking forward to a pretty good quarter. cheryl: we want to take a look at the oil contracts. there you go. $93.94. a little gain of 1%. we'll be right back.
12:14 pm
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12:17 pm
>> it is 15 past the hour. stocks now every 15 minutes. team coverage for you. dennis: jeff is questioning whether the pullback in commodities has gone so far. watching retail and charles is going to show us how to make money with a tech play but first to nicole. >> thank you, dennis. i'm sure he'll be delving into some commodities like copper and gold which are doing very well today. i want to take a look at the dow jones industrials that has turned back to negative territory, certainly back and forth action we've been seeing. we're used to just lots of green. today for the sixth day in a record, we're setting an all-time record high in the dow jones. we traded as high as 14,478.
12:18 pm
now traders are becoming a little more skeptical and talks about the overbought market where they expect a pullback and they're talking about that again. we've seen lots of buying occurring and the momentum is slowing down to a certain extent. merck, united health care, boeing, bank of america, caterpillar and general electric are weighing on the dow. that's the latest here at the stock exchange. what's going on, jeff? >> nicole. this is where the money has bee1 flowing, where you are and here in the s&p 500 pit. this is the futures pit, the options on the other side here. this is where the money has been flowing in and out of commodities. as dennis pointed out, maybe that selloff is a little overdone. at least that's what goldman sachs says and that's what the market says today. oil up today fourth time in a row, fourth session in a row, up about 78 cents last time i
12:19 pm
checked it. almost a full percent and you know, in the last week, the shorts on oil have increased by over 9,000 contracts. money flowing out of that. take a look at the same thing with gold. gold up again today as well. up almost a full percent. the longs have decreased their position in gold by 7,000 contracts over the course of the past week. so maybe people got a little too far out of commodities. corn up also as well and corn, though, is one where the longs actually increase their positions the course of the past week. that's because the front month corn, current corn is very scarce out therr as i know sandra knows. what's going on with you, sandra? >> that's right. $7 corn helping out a lot of those agricultural names. retailers right now, folks have been out there shopping despite all of the doom and gloom talk about the 2% hike in social security taxes and the smaller paychecks we started seeing at the beginning of the year. people have been out shopping.
12:20 pm
look at the gains. bed, bath and beyond, best buy, gap all in the green today. home depot, home improvement retailers showing red arrows but tomorrow we have a huge report from the government. retail sales data for february going to be very closely watched. right now the estimates are for a gain of a half of a percent for the month of february on a seasonally adjusted basis. you strip out gas and auto sales and you're looking at a .3% climb. compare that to the previous month in january. we only saw one tenth of a percent jump and things look like they are improving. that means fed turned that into a trade. costco up a couple of percent. stock reaching the highest levels not only of the week but a year to date basis, this is a very strong stock as well. costco reporting profits of 39% in the most recent quarter. buy this over target and wal-mart. they like it more because they
12:21 pm
can sell gasoline and bon ton stores also better. lots of green on the screen as far as retailers. back to you. dennis: liking that. thank you. cheryl: dan the man talking about that. this hour charles is taking a look at a major manufacturing solutions company. >> a boring tech idea. circuit boards. they do everything from manufacturing consulting, design, fabrication. it used to be a hot name. it's a value play, guys. less than book right now and in fact, the only problem is the execution has been absolutely terrible. i wonder about management but the second half of the year i'm looking for this to ramp up. it's not a trading idea, at least i'm not presenting it as one. i think you buy it old and it can be probably 14, 15 by the end of the year. dennis: all right. circuit boards. >> sort of like the movie plastic. mrplastic and circuits.
12:22 pm
dennis: why nbc universal sued a small porn producer. cheryl: and a.i.g. bailout, was it unconstitutional? bottom line is next. dennis: and how the world currencies are fairing. they will be next. investor. yeah, i'm a serious inveor but i'm a busy guy. it used to be easier but now there are more choices than ever. i want to know exactly what i am investing in. i want to know exactly homuch i'm paying. i want to use the same stuff the big guys use. find out why nine out of ten large professional investors choose ishares for their etfs.
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>> at 24 minutes past the hour, hello, i have your fox news minute. a live picture right now from the vatican where the conclave is now underway after a mass at st. peter's basilica this morning. 115 cardinal electors are now in the sistine chapel to vote for the next pope. earliest a burst ballot could be cast is this afternoon. 77 votes are required. in colorado a judge entered a not guilty plea on behalf of accused theater shooter james holmes. the lawyer says he was not ready to enter the plea but he can change it later if he so chooses. 12 people were killed and 70 others injured in the july 20
12:27 pm
shooting attack at an aurora movie theater. new york city police officer was convicted of a bizarre plot to cook and eat woman. 28-year-old valley was also found guilty of using a police data base to gain personal information about possible targets and he faces up to life in prison and that's a quick look at headlines making news right now. dennis, back to you. dennis: hard to follow that. thank you very much. a.i.g. investors getting a big win in federal court yesterday. bottom line with elizabeth mcdonald. >> and we have breaking news right now. the lead attorney for store international that's suing the government on behalf of a.i.g. going to court again to ask it to represent a.i.g. again. the board rejected the move in january. here is david yesterday talking about the class action status.
12:28 pm
he's saying it's an important step to compensating a.i.g. shareholders for the confiscation of their property and use of their property for the bailout of other private companies and here is what he said a while ago. take a look to what david boies said. >> what the government did in the takeover of a.i. was to take private assets and use it for public purposes without compensating the owners. >> basically what he's saying is the government got an 80% -- nearly 80% stake in a.i.g. and then after that, not only did it get charged loan terms that all is ungrateful on the part of a.i.g. but he's saying that after that what happened was essentially they used a.i.g. assets to settle 100% on the dollar trades with goldman sachs, french banks, in other words, herding a.i.g. investors and the company in the process and what's really interesting here is pressuring the board to join now is essentially saying
12:29 pm
to the board, if we win this $25 billion lawsuit, then you, board, will have left the money on the table if you do not join the suit and it's going to hurt the company even further. so this is a really interesting case. it's turning into a big slug fest in court right now. dennis: all right. deliberations continue from the meltdown years later. thank you very much. cheryl: well, just about two weeks to go until the government runs out of money. mark is fed up with the partisan fighting on capitol hill and he'll join melissa and laurie with his freshman perspective. that's in the next hour of "markets now" right here on fox business. soda wars. new york's businesses are applauding a judge's decision to can the ban on soft dranks. mayor bloomberg is not giving up. reaction from the new york city restaurant and theaters owners. dennis: and we'll tell you why
12:30 pm
iran may sue the producers of argo. ahead in media minute. first let's take a look at the day's s&p 500 winners and maybe a few losers. ♪ [ female announcer ] from meeting customer needs... to meeting patient needs... ♪ wireless is limitless. [ fale announcer ] from finding the best way... ♪ to finding the best catch... ♪ wireless is limitless.
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12:33 pm
>> 31 1/2 past the hour. snobbings every 15 minutes. nick? >> all right. take a look here. first at the markets, dow has pulled back as we noticed after hitting record all-time entry day highs. it is now pulled back into negative territory. some names that weigh on the dow, bank of america,
12:34 pm
caterpillar g.e. merck is a leader on the dow in the drug realm but look at pfizer. when i see pfizer is down 3/4 of 1% here, 2803 right now, it's to the down side because the f.d.a. has now found that zithromax, this antiobiotic, can cause fatal irregular heart rhythms so talking about the electrical activity that we have in our hearts, that did beat irregularly and lead to fatal heart rhythm. with that interval like that, not good news for this particular drug maker at this time and of course, z-pack is something very popular. back to you. cheryl: thank you. we'll see you in 13 minutes from now. soda industry, restaurants and new york theater owners applauding a judge's ruling banning the soft banks. that ban was supposed to start
12:35 pm
today. from the national association of theater owners, matt. matt, let's start with you with theater owners. a.m.c., the theater right downtown, 44 ounce cups. the theater owners were getting ready for this. what type of revenues are they telling you they lost over this whole thing? >> we're elated are the judge's decision and we never thought this was about obesity or soda. we thought it was about power and we're happy with what the judge had to say. this is clearly a violation of the separation of powers. if it went into effect, it would have had a significant economic impact on the theaters in terms of soft costs and hard costs. soft costs, we would have to change the employment manuals, change the signage and we're fearful that people would choose to stay home from the movie theaters. there's a lot of other home options right now and if you can go to a grocery store and buy soda and a movie, we think you would avoid the theaters. cheryl: and we should be showing that and restaurants as well.
12:36 pm
a lot of these are publicly traded companies. i'm thinking about major change. all of these could be affected, the restaurant industry, if this goee national which is what mayor bloomberg wants to happen. >> right. we think that it sets a very dangerous precedent. if we set the idea that we can regulate any sort of portion pize, whether it's soda or anything else, who knows what's next? maybe they'll regulate calories, how many hot dogs you can have in a day. i don't think that's something that consumers want and certainly not what the restaurant industry wants. cheryl: you mied -- made an interesting point about the root cause here, that the root cause of obesity, that you can't really -- like with smoking and mayor bloomberg was successful getting that banned across town indoors but more of a direct correlation. is that part of a legal fight you see coming if indeed mayor bloomberg wins another victory in court? >> i think the mayor has done a lot of great things in terms of
12:37 pm
health but this was the wrong approach and separation of powers. we think the legal department, the city of new york will have to do what they have to do but we're happy with the victory today and we'll continue to fight this if it comes back. best way to approach this is review what the judge said and look at where something like this can come from. clearly that's the realm of the legislature and clearly involving stake holders and parents, educators and the businesses is the right way to go. the mayor has said new york is not about hand wringing. we would like to see more handshaking and working as collaborating partners with the mayor. cheryl: this is an 18 ounce cup and this is -- well, show the viewers. this is the details of it and the fines would be in place. this is revenue but this is an 18 ounce cup, right? but i can still get a refill on this cup. that has nothing to do with me buying -- if you're going to limit me, i can go back and get a refill so many are saying this law overall just doesn't make sense. would you be willing to work
12:38 pm
with the city of new york to write a law that makes sense? is that something the group would be willing to do? >> we would love to talk about initiatives to control obesity. the mayor made an announcement reducing salt in a voluntary measure that's made the packaged food and food in restaurants more healthy. we would like to be involved in the discussion and maybe we can come up with a policy that makes sense. as you pointed out, this porous bill just had a lot of loop holes, wasn't good public policy. >> it's stadiums, arenas, far reaching more than new york city. i want to ask you about the theater chains across the country. many of our viewers own these stocks. how concerned are they about what's happening in new york city going national? >> this was declared invalid and we hope that something like this won't arise again but if you look at it, it was so porous and it had so many loop holes, it
12:39 pm
wouldn't make sense. you could get refills, add your own sugar. at the end of the day, the judge agreed with everything we were saying. it wouldn't accomplish the goals and he said this is more about power than sugary sodas. cheryl: and talk about the small businesses. we got a statement from the american beverage association and they said this ruling provides a sigh of relief to new yorkers in thousands of small businesses in new york city. i realize many of your businesses are from the larger theater changes but i'm sure the smaller has reached out to you, too, correct? >> we have many small mop and pop restaurants that would affect them tremendously. we can talk about the public policy about this all day long but businesses would have to change out inventory, fined if they mistakenly violated the law and that's money coming out of the pockets of people who may not be able to afford it. cheryl: i'll enjoy my 18 ounce diet coke, i should say, but sugary drink. they were successful with
12:40 pm
calorie counts, successful with smoking. i think it will be an interesting fight. >> those issues went through the city council and followed the proper legislative way and the proper way of doing something. this didn't and that's why we won today. cheryl: the health department. we'll follow this. matt and andrew, thank you, gentlemen. appreciate it. all right. los angeles tourism is setting new records with one country. really boosting the numbers. what it means for the economy and the city of angels. dennis: and why nbc universal sued a small porn producer. meantime, let's look at on-year treasuries. [ indistinct shouting ] ♪ [ indistinct shouting ] [ male aouncer ] time and sales data. split-second stats.
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problems breathing while sleeping; and blood clots in the legs. common side effects include skin redness or irritation where applied, increased red blood cell count, headache, diarrhea, vomiting, and increase in n psa. see your doctor, and for a 30-day free trial, go to >> employers advertise more job openings in january suggesting hiring will remain healthy in the coming months. according to the labor department, job openings rose more than 2% from december. life technologies are jumping following a "wall street journal" report that it is once again attracting interest from a number of suitors. according to the "wall street journal," k.k.r. is considering a joint bid with other private equity firms and another group including the black stone group and carlisle group are weighing
12:43 pm
a bid. new york city is testing the dip jar at some of the stores. starbucks will also let you tip from your smart phone. that's the latest from the fox business network, giving you the power to prosper.
12:44 pm
cheryl: real estate investment trust turned a strong 20% gain in for many investors who bought them in 2012. they've beat the s&p 500 over the last four years. the next guest said the portfolio should include investments in real estate in general. joining me, united realty partners chairman and c.e.o. and you know, jacob, it's been something there were so many investors back four years ago when the group started issuing a strong performance, it said that commercial real estate was going to fall apart. the opposite happened. can the momentum continue, do you think? >> i think the momentum and real
12:45 pm
estate investing in general can. there are still great buying opportunities in many markets today. commercial real estate is still available at discounts to the heights of the market in 2006 and 2007 and real estate is a hard asset so when you think about the fact we're very, very low interest rates today, you're able to finance these cheaper acquisitions with incredibly low interest rate debt and in the future, interest rates are going to have to rise at which will probably yield an inflationary cycle and in that situation, you want to be in hard assets because they will hopefully retain their value and possibly even grow in value. cheryl: there's health care reits, like old folks homes, for instance, that's one popular type of reits. another could be strip malls, shopping malls so what kind of tenants do you think should be in the reits we're looking at to invest? >> any investment, whether it's in a real estate investment trust or corporate stock or any
12:46 pm
other entity obviously has a series of different risks and different appetites so the investor looking at possibly investing in any investment should be aware of the assets that are in that portfolio, should certainly be aware of the management team. cheryl: do i have a best buy that has a long term lease in that shopping mall, for instance? >> we talked about retail space once before on the show, you and i, and my personal view about retail space is that we may be overretailed in the united states right now but certainly retail can be bought at a bargain price in some markets. but overall, i think that one needs to understand the underlying assets and what their risk tolerance is. cheryl: we looked at some apartment reits as well. there are so many varieties. we seem to be seeing a surge in home buying because of low interest rates. would that be bad because of multi family units? >> there hasn't been so much
12:47 pm
building of the multi family which makes it interesting. there's been a tremendous amount of foreclosure in this country of residential homes, people there have increased the demand to rent. there hasn't been a great deal of construction the past few years. you'll see additional construction but because of that, rents have typically gone up and have provided the kind of yields that some of these reits are able to provide. cheryl: how regional do i need to go if i'm looking at reits right now for investment? >> i think that depends on the asset class. decide whether you're looking for net lease type assets which is one type of re it that is a play on the underlying tenant and what the yield is. on the other side, there's people who invest in value added and opportunistic real estate so i think it's an investor that has to look at the prospectus for the risk.
12:48 pm
cheryl: thank you very much. good to see you again. you know it's one of my favorite topics. every 15 minutes, stocks now is on the floor of the new york stock exchange. what are you watching? >> cabelas, they sell gear for fishing, things for outdoors and the like and today you see it up almost 12% and this move, a gain of $6.45 brings it to not only a 52-week high but all-time high. you can see certainly it's a winner and they came out with a forecast that certainly for the first quarter seems to same store increase by a high rate. they came in with the latest quarter, first quarter earnings estimates. direct revenue in same store sales increased by double digit percentages. with this outlook here, it certainly does bode well for this particular name and fishing, camping, hunting related outdoor merchandise and all sounds like a lot of fun to me. back to you. cheryl: thank you very much.
12:49 pm
see you at the top of the hour. dennis: 50 shades of green. comcast universal wins an undisclosed sum in court from a small time porn purveyor accused of ripping off 50 shades of grey. it's sold 60 million copies. some say the book is so embarrassingly badly written that it's already a parity of itself. that keeps the author from writing a new book. she also leaves pages blank so you can keep a personal sex journal. and how is this for utter gall? iran, the sugar daddy of terrorism in the middle east is bowing a libel lawsuit for hol hollywood for damaging its reputation in the movie argo. the lawyer from france is on the
12:50 pm
case and she also represents carlos the jackel. iranians took 52 americans hostage and held them, if memory serves, for 440 days. in libel cases, truth is the best defense. cheryl: well, if you live in california, what may be better to buy that house than to rent it. that's coming up in the west coast minute. dennis: and the cyber threat. china says it's willing to talk to the u.s. about the whole controversy. we're going to update last week's series. meantime, take a look at some of today's winners on the nasdaq.
12:51 pm
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12:54 pm
cheryl: california now ranks the second most expensive state in the nation when it comes to rent. the national low income housing coalition reported only hawaii was more expensive when it came to two bedroom rentals. according to the u.s. department of housing, two bedroom at fair market value in california, $1,340 a month. san francisco, marin and orange county the most expensive. los angeles county tourism is doing better setting a new record last year. 41.4 million visitors came to town spending about $16.4 billion. mostly on hotels, food and drinks. that is good news for the
12:55 pm
fiscally strapped state. tourism generating more than $2 billion in state and local taxes for the state. new mexico senate passed the breaking bad bill. named after the popular tv series would rebate the production company's receipt in the state of new mexico up to 30% if the tv series shoots at least six episodes in the state. governor is expected to approve and sign the bill. that's the west coast minute. dennis: members of president obama's national security team calling out china for its alleged role in thousands of hack attacks on u.s. companies. and demanding a cyber security dialogue. >> we need a recognition of the urgency and cope of the problem and the risk it poses to international trade, to the reputation of chinese industry and overall relations. second, it takes serious stuff
12:56 pm
to investigate and put a stop to the activities and finally, we need china to engage with us in a direct dialogue to establish acceptable norms of behavior in cyber space. dennis: china is willing to speak with u.s. officials and the international community and cyber security, the topic today as high ranking security officials, john brennan and director of national intelligence weigh in on global threats before the senate intelligence committee and the f.b.i. probing a rogue website for posting robert mueller's social security number, address and credit report. that site bears an internet sufficient -- suffix assigned to the soviet union. it posted financial information and social security number of first lady michelle obama along with a note that reads, quote, blame your husband. we still love you, michelle.
12:57 pm
tender of them. the site adds to the attacked celebs, personal information on joe biden, former secretary of state clinton and attorney general eric holder. along with information, beyonce, mel gibson among a slew of others. the rest of the celebs won't say whether the information is accurate but why should they? cheryl: take a breath now. doors are closed and the choice for the next pope has officially begun. are we going to see white smoke today? only 115 voting cardinals know the answer. but if you're worried about missing the news of the new pope, have no fear. fellowship of catholic university students has set up a website called www.pope to keep you all in the papal loop because i know you're keeping up with it. their motto, when the smoke goes up, you'll know what's going down. hopefully this time when smoke goes up, it will be obvious unlike in 2005 when there was a
12:58 pm
bunch of confusion if the smoke was white or not. remember that? you couldn't tell if it was white or black. we're all sitting with the television screens like what's up? dennis: it might be time to update the notice. cheryl: still no sign of president obama's budget which is now over a month past his deadline. in the house, congressman ryan is proposing a budget that would balance everything in 10 years. that's coming up. dennis: 10 more years of deficit. first martian rock a month ago. now scientists are revealing what's enveloped. melissa and lori have a very first look at that rock from mars coming up ahead. all stations come over to mission a for a final go.
12:59 pm
this is for real this time. step seven point two one two. rify and lock. command is locked. five seconds. three, two, on

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